By Michael Smith


Corelius Washington: Photo By Frank Rodriquez


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Name: Cornelius Washington

Age: 51

Cornelius graduated from the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts as the FIRST graduate to obtain a dual degree in Art and Dance.

Mission Statement:
To bring leather and fetish iconography into the 21st century, to create dream images that stem from reality, to make the men in the leather and fetish community look like the studs that I see in them when they reveal themselves to me, to romanticize their passion to look like the epitome of whatever their particular fetish is.

Professional Goals:
To have my two websites blow up -- And have people from all over the planet see that Leather and Fetish Photography can be represented as Fine Art. 

Personal Goals:
To find a loving man and love him in the context of serious long term relationship with lots of affection, understand and hot passionate sex.

Herb Ritts: A legend I was fortunate enough to meet and talk with for hours.  

Victor Skrebneski: “A kind and very mysterious man who has taught America a great deal as a photographer” 

Greg Gorman: “He is Just a brilliant photographer whose lighting is just so classic and beautiful.”  

Tom of Finland: “The LEGEND in leather and fetish iconography. A very humble man whose is very humorous and very sex -- A very difficult combination to pull off.“


How I See My Work:

I see my work in leather fetish iconography as an idealized fine art approach to photojournalism, but I still want to keep the iconography raw and modern.

I want to document physicality but more so the sensuality and creativity of the men in what they wear. I just let them present themselves to the camera as they are!! When leather fetish men put on their gear, they bring out a side of themselves that I don’t need to pose. Ninety-Five percent of the image comes from them. I usually just tell them to be still and I quickly go to work.  

I have a few studs that I shoot at every leather festival and they trust me enough to just give themselves over to me. And I give them a little extra attention a time – and I get excellent images out of them. But what you see in these images are WHO THESE MEN ARE. 
The subtext of my images I have been living in SF and going to festivals for four years, and what these images really are about, are me really celebrating my life.

Because a lot of the time there is music every where and I am dancing, eating and enjoying my life and sensuality because even though I do not practice BDSM, I feel very sensual in leather clothing. It makes me want to dance. It makes want to walk, it makes me want to play pool… it makes me want to bring a out a part of my sensuality that I think exits in every one.